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Software / Graphics & DesignNormCad 10.4 + BAse (For VMware 10.4)

NormCad 10.4 + BAse (For VMware 10.4)
NormCad 10.4 + BAse (For VMware 10.4) | 6.42 GB

NormCAD performs calculations of building structures according to SNiP and prepares project documentation for submission to the customer and to the bodies of expertise:
- calculation of steel structures (calculation of beams, columns of solid and composite section, corrugated sheet and truss units from curved profiles);

- calculation of reinforced concrete structures (calculation of beams, columns, walls and slabs: selection of reinforcement, checking sections - including T-shaped and I-beams, oblique eccentric compression, calculation of round columns and columns with distributed reinforcement, fracture resistance, checking deflection, calculation for collapse and pushing);
- calculation of stone and reinforced stone structures (checking sections - rectangular and T-shaped for central and eccentric compression, tension, shear, crack resistance and crushing);
- calculation of the bases;
- heat engineering calculation (resistance to heat transfer and vapor penetration of walls, coatings, floors and translucent structures);
- other construction and engineering calculations.
Add. Information: 1. Download files.
2. Download VMware Workstation 15, install
3. In the folder with the downloaded item 1, we are looking for Normcad 10_4.vmx, we start it using VMware Workstation.
4. Turn on the virtual machine. (if you ask for the password Passw0rd!)
5. Before each launch of Normcad, run grdsrv.exe, or add it to autoload.
6 ..

Digit capacity: 32bit
Interface language: English + Russian
Tabletka: cured
System requirements: CPU: 800 MHz (minimum) 32-bit or 64-bit Intel®-compatible processor
Graphics: 32 MB (minimum) OpenGL3.0-compatible graphics card, 1024x768 screen resolution (minimum)
Memory: 256 MB (minimum)
Disk Space: 300 MB (minimum)
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 x86 / x64 containing all the latest and recommended updates

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